Aviv Pressburger
Architectural Photography

About us

We are LUZ, a group of photographers coming from the background of architecture, part of us are actually architects. Therefore, we bring a different approach and aesthetics to every space we document.
Architecture photography is not an easy task at all and requires a deep understanding of the architectural act and the architect or designer's design principles combined with the space in reality. Our success is to depict the 3D space in a 2D medium – the photograph, and still convey the sensations and atmosphere. Our goal is to create a point of view that even the architect who designed the same space didn’t imagine.
As part of our work with architects and interior designers, we go into details and understand the design principles in depth, which helps us create photographs that tells the story of the project in the most precise way.
We are passionate about our work and thanks for the privilege we have been given to document the amazing spaces and buildings we photograph.

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